Handyman Services
“Mr. Fix-It”

Friends and employers know Steve as “Mr. Fix-It”. Steve is a very capable Handyman. He is very imaginative in his approach to problem solving around the house and offers personalized solutions to these every day problems as opposed to a “one-size-fits-all” answer.

Whether you have the bank account of King Midas or you don’t, Steve will provide different options depending on your budget and specific needs. Any problem has a variety of solutions. Together you will come up with the best “fix” for you.

Steve is very creative and logical. He will always be respectful of your property and your home as he takes great pride in his work.

What can Steve “FIX” in your home?
I just bought a really cool showerhead – can you install it? YES
I need some shelves put up in my closet – can you help? YES
I just bought a fabulous new TV with surround sound – can you
  make it play nice with my VCR, my DVD, my stereo and my cable/
Satellite? YES 
“Uh Oh” – this new desk I bought “needs assembly” – can you
  help? YES 
• Will you clean my gutters? YES
• Will you POWER WASH my house? YES
• Will you POWER WASH my lawn furniture? YES
• Will you POWER WASH my drive way? YES
• Will you POWER WASH my car, tractor or boat? YES

• Will you mow my lawn? If that's what you want...Yes

• Will you play Chess with me? Definitely (and you’ll probably win)